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Secrets Of Soulmate Love

June 24th, 2007

Secrets Of Soulmate LoveAttract and Keep Your Perfect Soulmate! Discover the Secrets That Have Kept Love Exciting for 1,000s of Years!

Are YOU Longing for Your Soulmate? If you already have a mate, do you want to improve your relationship by experiencing more kindness, more trust, more harmony? Do you finally want to get all the love that you desire and deserve? Not only is it possible but it is easier to create than you might imagine! Your ideal relationship with a Soulmate is closer than you think.

This ancient wisdom about love and lovemaking has helped hundreds of couples attract their beloved Soulmates time and again in past lives, AND KEEP their love going and growing ever more joyous and blissful. This ancient wisdom - assembled into proven processes based on 9 years of relationship counseling - has HELPED many of my clients to either ATTRACT a new love or to IMPROVE an existing relationship.

Now these SECRETS of SOULMATE LOVE can be yours -if you really want to get the love you deserve.


August 17th, 2006


You’ve got to learn to understand and identify “EMOTIONALLY UNAVAILABLE” men.

If a man doesn’t know what he wants, he generally doesn’t want what he’s got.

This may sound harsh, but it’s the truth of the situation. And even when it isn’t completely true, it’s a good rule to go by.

A good man who is the right person and wants to be with you will find his own way to his “Emotional Truth”.

If his truth is that he wants to be with you, or not be with you, you have to respect that.

But I see women do it all the time.

The guy will be sending all kinds of subtle (or even direct) signs that he’s not “available” or interested in something “serious”, but the woman ignores them and just pays attention to the fact that he likes being with her when they’re together.

In other words, she substitutes the physical connection, or even the occasional emotional connection, for the real relationship she wants to be in.


Men have a different “love equation” from women:

A strong connection does NOT necessarily equal any interest in a relationship.

That’s why it’s CRITICAL that women learn to read the signals that a man sends about where he’s at.

Because he’s surely not going to just lay it all out there for you.

I promise.

If he does, write me an email, tell me all about it, and give me his mailing address so I can send him his prize.

When a guy isn’t interested in a relationship, and he’s hdoing something like seeing other women, here’s what most women start doing that makes things go from bad to worse…

They start trying to “fix” things, and “fix” the guy.

And then comes the “convincing” behavior, trying to convince the man that they are the right one for him, and that because they have such a great connection, a loving “relationship” is the only right way to go.

I know, it sounds bizarre.

Why would a man have a great woman and a great connection with her that felt amazing when they were together, and not want a relationship?

I’ll get to that later…

The thing I’m worried about here for you is that in trying to get your guy back, you’re making these mistakes that are like “man-repellent”.

So I’ll say it again.

You can’t convince a man to want to be with you.

I don’t know the specifics surrounding your off-and-on with the ex, but it speaks volumes.

Especially when it’s combined with him not “knowing what he wants”.

This is CLASSIC man-speak for “I’m not emotionally available and I’m not ready for a real relationship”.

When he can’t get in touch with his feelings and isn’t open to exploring them, it’s a text-book case of unavailability.

I don’t mean that he can’t share feelings or some level of intimacy with you….

In fact, I’m sure he still likes to connect with you when things are easy-going and he’s not feeling “pressure” around you.

But your ex sharing his feelings with you can easily confuse you into thinking that he is potentially the right guy and ready for a long term relationship.

I’m sure you’ve seen this since you’ve been back and forth with him. But when a guy is unavailable, he has a fear of getting deeper into a relationship that he knows he’s not ready for.

In his own way he’s tried to tell you this several times.

Here’s what he’s saying:

Yes, I have “feelings” for you.

And no… that doesn’t mean I want to be in a relationship with you and be faithful.

Take some time to think about the past with your ex, and then compare that to what will honestly make YOU happy, and what kind of relationship you want in your future.

If you’re honest about it with yourself, I don’t think he’ll fit well into that based on his actions and behavior.

Put more value on his actions, not his words.

Get back to the things that you enjoy, the places you like to go and avoid places or things you used to do or see with your ex.

Spend some time with your friends and give yourself the space you deserve.

The less you talk about your ex and this situation for now, the better off you’ll be.

And I think you’ll be amazed at the results.

First, I think you’ll just plain old feel better.

But even better than that, you’ll be breaking the old connection that you had with your “x”.

And as counterintuitive as it sounds, breaking out of your old connection is actually the thing that’s going to change the situation for you the most and help get you the results you want.

Right now, your convincing him and your wanting him back, even when he’s with another woman, is making you come off in all kinds of ways that men just don’t respond well to.

I know it seems like the best idea to keep trying to stay in touch with him and keep the connection alive.

But the truth is that you’re just keeping this same old situation alive by pumping your time and attention into it.

If instead, you step back and stop chasing him or trying to convince him you’re the right woman, you’ll have an opportunity to do something that can honestly be ATTRACTIVE to him-

You first leave a space that he’ll not recognize and not understand, which will first get him thinking about you and then wondering why you aren’t acting the way you used to.

Men love “new” things and curiousities.

Plus, you’ll also be able to give him the space he’s tried asking you for in his retarded emotioanally unavailable “man-speak”.

Something funny happens when a man gets the space he asked for-

If you do it in the right way, he’s forced to deal with himself and his own feelings to figure out that all the things he is worried about, afraid of, fearful of “committing to”, etc.

And being by himself, he’ll see that these things are really just in his own mind - and not bad things about YOU.

In other words - he won’t keep taking all the old “stuff” from the past that wasn’t working and keep identifying it with YOU.

But you’ve to go know the way to “re-wire” the connection once you’ve broken the old one.

And if you can do this, I guarantee he’ll come calling wondering about you.

In my ebook, “Catch Him And Keep Him”, I detail specific ways to communicate with men that will help you build that new connection.

There are several psychological and behavioral “keys” that will help to open a man up, and just as importantly, make him feel that electric kind of ATTRACTION for you.

I’m talking about the kind of attraction that gets a guy feeling, at a deep level, that he wants to be with you right now AND far into the future.

This goes for the “unavailable” guys too that seem to keep withdrawing and don’t communicate much about their feelings or what they want.

These guys are the toughest ones.

If there’s just ONE PIECE OF ADVICE that holds more power for women than any other when it comes to men, it’s this concept of only dating emotionally available men.

In my ebook, I also talk about how to identify good men from the “unavailable” ones.

If you’re dating, wouldn’t it be great to know what kind of guy you’re dealing with FROM THE START?

And if think you’re already got an unavailable guy on your hands, and you’re wondering what you can do after all the frustrating disappointments that have gone on…

There’s AN ENTIRE SECTION of the book dedicated to helping you both understand the emotional world of a man (yikes, right!) and how to lead him to a better way of being with and understanding you.

So make the choice to do something about your love- life and create the situation you want in your life.

Go check out my ebook now.

You can download it and be reading it in just a couple of minutes.

Check it out here:

10 Secrets About Men

And best of luck in life and love!

Your Friend,

Christian Carter

Warning Signs: Your Guy May be a Mr. Wrong instead of Mr. Right

May 20th, 2006

1. He always make plans at the last minute.

He may have several rods on the fire. You might not be his favorite rod. If nothing else comes along then you pop into his head. Some men just like to keep their options open. They have several choices available and don’t want to make the wrong decision or commit to a date too soon in the event that something better might come along.

You have to decide if this is something you can tolerate. If you are not that into him either, it may work out perfectly for you (a girls gotta eat), but if you are waiting by the phone this may be sign to move on. I personally would not feel I was being treated respectfully in this situation. I would feel I deserved to be treated better.

2. He’s not taking an active role in becoming part of your world.

If a man is serious about you, he will usually make the effort to get to know the people who are important to you. Whether it’s your friends or family, he will want it to be known that he is your man and he will usually try hard to make a good impression. This is how some men mark their territory.

Hey, it doesn’t hurt if everyone loves him and sings his praises to you. If he doesn’t care about that, he simply might not care about you. If he does care about you, but doesn’t want to be involved in your world. well, that’s a whole other story. You come to your own conclusion, but if it were me. I’d rethink the relationship.

3. He doesn’t go to events that are important to you.

Once in awhile if he has a good excuse or is ill or something.that’s ok. If you see a pattern, it may be time to trade up. Something that is important to you should be equally important to him.

If it is not, then it might be a sign that either he is not that into you, he prefers his friends to you, or he is simply too self-centered to stop for a minute and please someone other then himself.

If you’ve really hit the jackpot, he may be a combination of all three. Either way, pay attention to the signs and decide if you feel you are worthy of more.

4. He stays in close contact with his single friends.

If a guy does not part with his single friends, you can be fairly certain he is not going to give up the single life either. Some guys are just players: they have to keep their options open and have a certain amount of emotional distance. Having single friends when you are dating is the best of both worlds.

He may continue to get close to you, but his friends are never far behind. They attend events with you and have permission to just drop by at their whim. You don’t want your guy to give up his friends, but it may be a sign of trouble if he insists that you spend most of your time together hanging out with his buddies.

If he is not a player, but just very social, make sure your needs are met as well. Hanging out with the buds can be fun, but sometimes alone time is also needed in a relationship. If the situation meets your needs, then great. If not, then decide if this is something you can get used to.

5. Night time is the right time. all the time.

If he loves the nightlife and the nightlife loves him even after you have been dating for a while, this might just be his way of life. If this is your way of life, then you have just met your soulmate. I wish you well.

However, historically when couples first start dating they tend to go out a lot, stay out late, and dance the night away. Once you settle in, though, and get closer in the relationship, the pendulum swings to quite nights at home and romantic dinners.

If this is where you are hoping the pendulum would swing, then it may be a good time to express your needs and see if he can meet them. Don’t ask or expect him to change if that is who he is and what makes him happy. Accept the fact that you want different things. It may be time to send this one back and explore the other “fishies in the sea”.

6. You never see him more then once a week (ok. sometimes twice), even after you have been dating several months

Is he super busy or are you play toy number 7? He might have one for every day of the week, and you only can see him twice if numbers 1 through 6 are busy. Hey, it happens . mostly because he has been allowed to get away with it. Just don’t be naive and think he is sitting home 6 nights alone.

If this is acceptable to you, then by all means enjoy your time together when it happens. I guess you will certainly never get sick of each other. If you need more see if he can (or more importantly will) meet your needs. If not.get those shoes on and start walking.

7. You only have his cell number after you have been dating each other for a more then a month.

If it’s been months and you haven’t asked him about that, allow me, he’s either living with someone else or he doesn’t want you calling his house in case he has another woman over. The cell phone he can turn off or set to vibrate… How perfect is that?

When you are into someone (and not dating other women too) you want her to feel free totally comfortable calling you anytime. It shows commitment and openness. If he is not showing these signs outwardly, it might be an indication that you are dating a very busy man.

If it feels like a duck and quacks like a duck, yup, it’s a duck. This little trick was used on me, and I must say I didn’t catch on for quite a while. I was too naive. I’m all grown up now.

Copyright © 2005 Cathi Adams

Cathi Adams is the author of “Divorce Secrets: What Every Women Should Know.” This invaluable resource provides steps to ensure financial security to woman faced with the possibility of divorce. Visit her web site for a FREE report -What You Absolutely Must Know Before You Even THINK About Getting A Divorce.

Find Mr. Right And Keep Him Hooked

May 16th, 2006

Christian Carter has by far the best advice on understanding men I’ve ever read. Coming as it does from a man, it makes complete sense. His free dating tips will help you find Mr. Right and keep him hooked for good.

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Renewing Passion in Your Relationship

April 11th, 2006

Spring is the time when everything renews itself; its a time of new beginnings, feeling fresh and alive and a great time to make a conscious effort to renew the passion in your relationship.

Relationships go through cycles just as nature does and levels of passion will vacillate. In the early stages of love passion is a blazing inferno that cant be put out and doesnt require any work, but as the relationship progresses, passion will not stay alive without effort. And just as your garden or flowerbed need nurtured with love ,water and sunshine, your relationship needs nurtured as well.

Here are some great ways to keep the passion alive.

~Romantic gestures such as sensual cards or intimate gifts
~Show respect and appreciation
~Be adventurous and spontaneous
~Seek variety and creativity in lovemaking activities
~Express desire, love and affection
~Selfless behaviors (acts that are done purely for the satisfaction of your mate)
~Take your lover on romantic a date

And dont forget that spring is the perfect time to enjoy some delicious outdoor sex. An outdoor tryst is one of the best ways possible to renew passion, because it combines several passionate activities into one. Being naked outside elicits deep, primal, wild and uninhibited desires, its adventurous and can be spontaneous. With the right scenario you can make it romantic.

You can surprise your lover with an outdoor quickie, or a beautiful lovemaking event or plan a whole day of savoring. Get more creative by adding some role-play or pack a picnic basket with some of your favorite foods to play with, like strawberries or bananas, whip cream, ice cream or whatever you desire and feed each other like Kings and Queens or place it strategically on the body to be licked and eaten.

Nature provides you with a fantastic sexual playground to ignite passion, where different textures and varied places such as on the grass, in the water, bent over a stump, in the wind, hanging from a branch, on the sand, on flat land or on a hill etc. will enhance your sensations and provide you with the ability to maneuver many different positions and techniques. The whole world can become your bedroom.

For wildlife spring is the natural season of mating so take their cue, let the seduction of the elements turn you into wild animals and renew your passion to new heights.

Cynthia Perkins, M.Ed. is a sex coach helping couples have great sex, deeper intimacy, be better lovers and keep the passion alive. Get your Free Sex Guide “25 Tips for Great Sex” and ignite even more passion and excitement in your relationship.

Signs of a Cheating Husband

November 26th, 2005

Here are some warning signs of a cheating husband.

It is important to let you know that they are not the only ones and they are not definitely signs either. This means that your partner could do some of these actions and not necessarily being cheating on you.

Take these as yellow lights, to start looking further, but not take them as full probe that your partner is cheating on you.

As I said before, before these signs, your feelings are probably the most important indicators that something is happening. Why do you have these feelings? you have them because you start seeing things that you never saw before until something in your mind start telling you very softly¬¦ Is there someone else? Is he cheating on me? And most of the time you know the answer in advance-¦

If the signs alarm you, and you feel that you need to get probes before taking further steps, don’t feel guilty. It is perfectly normal that you need probes; this is because you cannot believe that this person for whom you did so much and probably with whom you spent so much time and had so many dreams, is cheating on you. Therefore, do not feel guilty if you are looking for probes, it is your life!

Do not fall in the trap that you are betraying your partner confidence if you look for the truth, this is a cheater argument and it was created to refrain you for looking for the real truth. It is he who is betraying you, not the opposite.

1. He starts working overtime more often than usual and he is not at his office when you call.

2. He does not answer his cell phone often and he tells you that it was turned on all the time. He tells you that he doesnt know what happened.

3. He erases all his text messages from his cell phone on a regular basis.

4. He has a cell phone you dont know and especially if the bill arrives to his office.

5. He wants to try new sex techniques that you never tried before as a couple.

6. He carries condoms, especially if you are using the pill.

7. He spends more hours than usual on the computer late at night.

8. He gets very upset if you call him to the office or asks you not to do it.

9. He disappears for long time and you dont know where he is.

10. He gets nervous when you step into the room where he is using the computer. Changes windows, closes programs or shut down the computer among other actions.

11. His car smells lightly like woman perfume. Mens cars are very good revealing cheating information.

12. He doesnt want toys or child seats in his car.

13. His clothes smell like a woman, to an unfamiliar perfume or have lipstick on them.

14. You find unknown charges on his credit card statement.

15. Even that I know husbands who have cheated their wives for years, usually men are careless and finding if they are cheating is much easier than findind a cheating woman.

16. Woman have a very special feeling about being cheated, therefore if you have the feeling, the chance that something is happening is very high.

Dr. Laurent Mikhail is a communication professional who has helped several couples to understand each other after a cheating problem. You can find further information within his site

The Sexual Double Standard

November 7th, 2005

We still live in a society that promotes the notion that it is normal for a man to desire many women and yet normal for a woman to desire only one man. Our beliefs about male and female behavior may have been helpful in the past, but today they are doing much more harm than good.

As a society we need to stop perpetuating the myth that females are naturally monogamous because this erroneous belief keeps women from taking responsibility when they do cheat. Unfortunately, when women cheat they typically put the blame on their husbands.

Most of the prevailing beliefs we hold about women were created and taught to control the sexual behavior of females in an effort to ease paternity insecurity in males. When females give birth they know the children they give birth to are biologically theirs. Males on the other hand, prior to DNA testing, had to rely on the faithfulness of their partners; which is the reason a sexual double-standard emerged. However, over time the sexual double-standard gave way to a false belief that females were in fact naturally monogamous. Today, it is no longer necessary to continue teaching this false belief because DNA testing allows males to have the same certainty about paternity as females.

Today, women initiate approximately 70 - 75% of all divorces. Due to our false beliefs, women lack adequate knowledge about their natural sexual impulses; as a result, they are much more likely than men to leave their marriages due to their sexual attractions and affairs. Although women typically pursue separations and divorces under the guise of ’searching for self’ the real reason is often another man. Its not uncommon for women to be happily married prior to their affairs; its also not uncommon for men to be divorced by their wives without ever knowing about their wives extramarital relationships.

For many years now, women have been knowingly or unknowingly performing a balancing act - trying to attain equal rights, while at the same time, trying to maintain their special rights. Interestingly enough, most women are still not happy. Women continue to feel they get the short end of the stick. Women still do not feel as though they have equal rights, much less special rights, why? Because the sexual double standard still exists in our culture; but ironically, womens final right to claim is the root from which their oppression stemmed.

However, it is no longer men who oppress women - it is women. Women have not yet decided whether they want to trade their ‘image’ and all the special treatment that it affords them, for the ‘public’ sexual freedom which is afforded to males. As a result, one of the biggest problems in relationships today, is due to the fact that women are finding it increasingly more difficult to maintain their ‘image,’ now that their survival is no longer contingent upon it.

It is only by doing away with the sexual double standard that females will finally achieve the equality they have so long sought after. However, in doing so, they will have to give up one of their special rights - they will no longer be able to blame males for their sexual indiscretions and their lack of self control.

Michelle Langley is the author of Womens Infidelity: Living In Limbo: What Women Really Mean When They Say, ‘Im Not Happy’ To read an excerpt from Womens Infidelity visit

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